MLIC® for cutting edge Consulting

MLI Consulting, Inc. is incorporated in the State of New York and federally in Canada since 1996. MLIC® is the trademark of MLI Consulting, Inc. registered in the United States and in United Kingdom. MLI Consulting is your partner in business and helps you succeed, no matter whether you are a startup business or an established business. Our consulting bailiwick covers functional areas, regardless of industries, such as production, technology, training, sales and marketing, education, and use of new technologies. MLIC® is on the leading edge of technology and can customize best solutions involving real and virtual resources to implement cost-effective and efficient organizations. MLIC® specializes in creating profit improvement plans for your organization.

Holistic Approach to Consulting

MLIc® uses a holistic approach to consulting because decisions in one area of business do affect results and performance in other areas. MLIC® specializes in strategic planning, profit improvement plans, diversification and integration strategies, mergers and acquisitions, divestments, and use of new technology and virtual resources. MLIC also conducts communication and decision-making seminars for middle and top managers in your company